Color ribbons for thermal transfer printers

Color ribbons for thermal transfer printers

COLORING RIBBON WAX-RESIN SUPER – Wax-resin thermal film characterized by good mechanical resistance of the printout and a very good reflection index. This composition makes the print made with this excellent quality on standard labels made of paper with a smooth surface as well as on plastic surfaces made of PE, PP and PET. The wax-resin tape allows printing at speeds up to 150mm / s and can be used in all standard flat-plate printers. 

COLORING RIBBONS PREMIUM RESIN – The structure of this thermo-transfer film is based on a special formula of synthetic resins. This composition makes the print made with this film is resistant to gasoline, alcohol, temperature or mechanical action, providing a long-lasting printing effect on PVC, PE and PP substrates. The foil is recommended for use when setting a high printing temperature. Thermo-transfer film, resin type is compatible with all standard printers equipped with a flat head.

These are specialized, water-resistant ribbons, suitable for “open air” applications

They are characterized by high resistance to weather conditions (low and high temperatures and sunlight).

“RESIN” PREMIUM ribbon, black -110mm x 300mGL-TBK-K501-110x300mresinblack
“SUPER wax-resin” ribbon, black -110mm x 300mGL-TBK-K200-110x300mwax-resinblack
“SUPER wax-resin” ribbon, green -110mm x 300mGL-TG-K200-110x300mwax-resingreen
“SUPER wax-blue” ribbon, blue -110mm x 300mGL-TBL-K200-110x300mwax-resinblue
“SUPER wax-resin” ribbon, red -110mm x 300mGL-TR-K200-110x300mwax-resinczerwony