Cooperation with the company – Grupa Kapias

Cooperation with the company – Grupa Kapias.

We have established close cooperation with one of the largest nursery producers, with the company Grupa Kapias. From today, all our products and solutions are implemented and tested on a regular basis in plant nurseries Grupa Kapias, they can also be viewed in the sales department.

We present a handful of information that will bring you closer to the company.

Grupa Kapias is a Silesian family company, based on solid foundations: tradition and experience, and determination in undertaking new challenges, has been operating in the agro-gardening sector for 5 generations.

The leading link in the Group is Kapias Farm, founded in the 19th century, whose current profile has been given in recent decades. At the moment, it covers an area of ​​20 hectares, and nursery activities are conducted on approx. 15 hectares. The majority of this area is container and ground cultivation. The remaining area is occupied by gardens and nurseries. The whole is completed by the logistics part, including warehouses, squares, etc.

Currently, we produce several hundred species and varieties of ornamental plants with very diverse parameters (from the starting material to adult). The vast majority of plants are produced in containers, which regardless of weather conditions makes them available for most of the year. A significant position in our offer are plants for municipal plantings – cover plants, rows, trees, etc. In addition, we are constantly expanding the range of produced plants, trying to satisfy the needs of the most sophisticated customers.

We make efforts towards the best farm equipment with modern machines and devices, we cooperate with scientific and advisory centers, exchange experience with other nurseries, and take into account the opinions and comments of our clients, which, combined with the professionalism of our staff, allows us to use more and more advanced production technologies and continuous improvement of standards, both in the production process and in the service of all our contractors.