Industry-leading performance

The new TTP-345 thermal transfer barcode printer provides greater performance for such a low price than any other printer in its class. Based on the design of its bestselling predecessor, the TTP-345 Plus, TTP –  345 works with an impressive print speed of 13 cm per second

The second model in the series – TTP-345 – offers a print resolution of 300 DPI and a speed of 13 cm per second.

An innovative mechanism, powered by two engines, which is strong enough to handle a 300-meter dyeing tape and labels in rolls up to 21cm in diameter.

Thanks to the use of two engines instead of, as in most printers, one, TTP-345 reduces noise, reducing wear and tear of mechanisms and increasing the life of the printer.

The TTP-345 has 8 MB SDRAM and 4 MB of built-in Flash memory.

TTP-345 offers standard USB 2.0, parallel and serial communication ports as well as an optional Ethernet port.

The printer works with the control language of the TSPL-EZ ™ printer, which is fully compatible with other TSC printer languages, while supporting TPLE (the printer supports the Eltron® language) and TPLZ (the printer supports Zebra®).

Optionally, the device can be equipped with a mortar, a guillotine knife for labels, an external holder for a roll of labels, a programmable keyboard for work in stand-alone mode, CCD scanner HCS-200

Technical data:

Printing technique: Thermal transfer / thermal
Resolution:300 dpi
Maximum print width:
106 mm
Maximum print length:1016 mm
Maximum printing speed:127 mm/s
Flash:4 MB
Diameter of the label roll:127 mm
Maximum width of the label roll:112 mm
Programming language: TSPL-EZ
Communication: RS232, USB, Czytnik kart SD
Communication options: Ethernet, print server, Bluetooth
Warranty:printer – 24 months, printhead – 12 months or 25 km print